Advocacy Update

Friday April 17, 2020

Advocacy Update:

1.New Senate Record: 42 Senators signed the Peace Corps funding Dear Colleague letter, including Senator Gillibrand,urging robust funding for Peace Corps in Fiscal Year 2021. This surpasses last year’s record, when 41 Senators signed the letter. Thanks to everyone who helped secure this number by contacting Senator Gillibrand!

Note: Senator Schumer did not sign this letter, as per the email I was sent by his legislative correspondent. As it indicates, the Senator is a strong supporter of the Peace Corps:


Hi Bette,

Thanks for reaching out and for sending this along. Senator Schumer is a strong supporter of funding for the Peace Corps. As Leader, Senator Schumer does not sign Dear Colleague appropriation letters, but we do have a separate way for Leader Schumer to express his support.

Thanks again. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.






Yazeed Abdelhaq

Legislative Correspondent

Senator Charles E. Schumer

United States Senate Democratic Leader

322 Hart Senate Office Building


​​​​​​​2.New Senate Legislation: Senator Markey (D-MA) and Van Hollen (D-MD), have announced a second piece of Peace Corps legislation which would promote having RPCVs (along with Americorps and vets) to assist in combating COVID-19, extending evacuees health coverage options to six months, and calling for expediting evacuees ability to re-apply when Peace Corps re-opens

3.As I receive updates from PC and NPCA on advocacy issues, I have been posting them on our Facebook Page, RPCVs of LI.   I also have been posting articles from NPCA that concern the evacuees, and have shared some of their stories. Please check out our page.

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