Grants Program

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Lond Island is committed to supporting projects in developing countries. We ask members to bring projects ideas to our annual Fall gathering and business meeting. The members then discuss and decide if there is a project that we would like to fundraise for.


Selection Criteria

Projects are nominated by our members.

Priority is given to projects of Peace Corps Volunteers currently in the field.

The selection is made by a vote of the membership.

Application Process

Your project must be nominated by a member of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Long Island at our annual meeting.

Donate Today

Your generosity supports Peace Corps community projects!


Past Grant Recipients

2015 grant recipient was PCV Caroline Golub, from Long Island, who was building a library in Rwanda.

2017 grant recipient was the Homeless Bee Project in Kenya. 2020 grant recipient was Femme Forces, raising money to provide feminine hygiene products for Kenyan students.

2021 grant recipient was The Opening Word Program, a program on Long Island to teach English to immigrant women. They also have GED classes and help women apply for citizenship.

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